Good Old Simon & Garfunkel

Say the names Simon and Garfunkel and see what it evokes. Steve from South Caroline wrote the other day that he was listening to their early work and within seconds PilotPatty from the Metrowest area of Massachusetts laid down four lines of a classic S&G song bam!,  just like that right out of her head.

Music goes deep all right.

The mere mention of their names takes me back to senior year in high school when late at night I worked away up in the attic, making  two velvet dresses for my sister and me while “The Sounds of Silence” played  on the radio. The dresses were Burgundy and Forest Green I remember and they bunched in a sad homemade way around the armpits so later that winter I added long sleeves in the belling-out angel-costume fashion of the times.

We thought we looked so great e decided to get our picture taken in them at good old Loring studios in donntown Lowell. As present for our mom we thought. Only when the proofs came back we looked in every shot like the female equivalent of that eager-to-fit-in-pair the Wild and Crazy Guys as played by Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd in the old Saturday Night Live skits. (Have mercy on all young people! They work so hard at inventing a self!)  

I just came upon this rendition of  S & G’s ‘For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her’. How many young females swooned over this one with its words carried in on the waves of Art’s high-tenor voice. Sex was getting closer by the minute with the Pill newly available and all those rockin’ sounds out of England, but how scary could it be when sung about by these gentle souls with their Kathys and their Emilys, in search of some town called Scarborough Fair? Searching always for that one girl, just that one girl? How the world has changed since those days my gosh! Here is Emily now: