Hit Man?

A reader commented the other day that I could probably kill someone and still be forgiven by my readers. Therefore he was sending me a “list” ha ha. Now I’m trying to think if there have actually been people I would like to see “taken care of,” as Tony Soprano would say.

Hmmmm… Well for two whole years after my sister pulled down my pants in front of the neighborhood boys I prayed we would move to a different town so I wouldn’t have to see them ever again. I was only seven and no, I didn’t wish them dead but maybe wishing to wipe them forever from your radar isn’t much better.

Here’s the thing: generally the people you want to ‘wipe’ are the ones who stir up anxious feelings in you, not so much because they have hurt you but because you have hurt them; because you have done them some kind of wrong that you’re reminded of every time you see them. 

I once caused a student of mine to be permanently removed from my classroom. This poor kid  just hated me, she couldn’t disguise the fact and her perpetual side-of-the-mouth remarks were poisoning things for everyone else.  I explained all this to her guidance counselor who simply switched her to another English class that met the same period. I remember that she cried when she heard the news and begged to be allowed to stay. 

It did kind of feel like I’d put out a contract on her.

Sending her away like that was a failure on my part I now feel. For sure my veteran-teacher-wisewoman sister-in-law Miriam (pictured above) would have found a way release the child from this bondage of hatred but I was young and lacked the skills to effect that kind of turnaround..

Speaking of awesome Miriam, take a look at this project for which she was the faculty adviser: the whole Medford (MA) Class of 2011 made a video to raise funds for cancer research in which as far as I can tell every senior, teacher, guidance counselor and staff member participated. I bet you know the song! Click here  and then press the ‘Play’ symbol to see the cutest tribute video ever with the voice of Taio Cruz and more spiffy pairs of gloves than are owned by Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy combined.

5 thoughts on “Hit Man?

  1. I’m sure no teacher of mine ever considered him/herself at fault because of some ancient peccadillo. Speaking of hits, a high school math teacher used to say: “There will be two hits. I’ll hit you; you’ll hit the floor. I was pretty scared of this guy. Math class was dreadful. It’s no wonder I never did “get” geometry.

    1. that’s despicable that math teacher’s threats!
      I don’t know Joan. My aunt taught high school Latin and i lived with her. I know she thought about such things, the things she might have done differently.. (so I guess I come by this trait honestly anyway!)

  2. the video was terrific!! what a great way to raise awareness and funds. no one ever dances to a song like that without a smile on their face. thank you for sharing, t.

  3. How inspiring is this????? Wow! I wish the high school I went to allowed that kind of freedom to do such things! In all fairness, there definitely were a few teachers who would happily go along with participating in a cause while having a little fun in the process, but of course, they did not have small camcorders in the 80’s! The students obviously had some solid values instilled in them from both the parents And teachers. The teachers in this video definitely allowed and encouraged the senior class to build a sense of community and camaraderie. It is that trait that allows a good high school to be great and extraordinary!

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