At the end of last month our maple trees got scared to death when temperatures hit 104° . We could tell because all their little seedpods turned brown and spun down onto the grass where they lay scattered like so many Corn Flakes.

Then this week we had the second Biblical Flood that lasted the better part of three days.

But we woke yesterday to air so crisp the birds had to get out their little space heaters before they could strike up the band.

And by noon? 80 degrees with an amazing breeze. When you get a day like this you have to celebrate somehow.

I went and got our 90-year-old uncle and drove to the edge of that little jewel of a pond he so loves.

There, he used his still-mighty upper-body strength to heave himself into the companion chair I keep in the back of my car and we wheeled our way onto this one paved but heavily wooded section of the walking path.

We didn’t talk. We didn’t have to. The breeze did all the talking for us. And when they felt like it the ducks weighed in a little too.

Amazing what movement and sound convey isn’t it? The picture at the top is just a flat picture. Add the dimension of time though and the dance of light on water and you’re just… transported!

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