Pants on Fire

This is what I get for cheating. I was so pressed for time Friday night I took a limp old rag of writing and tried to make it snap like a flag in a stiff ocean breeze; took words  I wrote three years back and tried passing them off as fresh. What can I say? We were hurrying to  beat the traffic to the Cape.

And I get tired sometimes.

And that’s my only excuse.

Also the fact that when we got down here we went out on the town so I didn’t proof the post and out it went into the world at 5am. I should explain that I schedule these posts so they appear on their own at that hour. So up it went, a great fat fib from beginning to end and chock full of typos too.

God got me good though: in the post I talked about how my phone was dying which it in fact had been doing 1,000 days ago when I wrote the piece but then it did die, right during dinner Friday night. This fancy new i-Phone just went black. Wouldn’t reboot, wouldn’t take a charge. Just shut its eyes tight and took the 5th.

So let that be a lesson to me to tell the truth every time out!

Another truth is that we had one gorgeous day on old Cape Cod. I ate too much, then drank too much, then came back to our hosts’  breezy cool house, climbed the stairs to the guest room, looked out over the waves of that rocking dish of an ocean and was asleep before my head hit the pillow. 

Sooo no phone again today. AND a big head from the Crown Royal. AND a guilty conscience for being a liar. I’ve learned my lesson. Never again will I write here what isn’t true and real for me in the moment. And here’s what’s real right this second: these two views captured an hour or two after sunrise on the third-to-last weekend in August.