One Girl’s Trash…

I took a bunch of other things to the Swap Table the day I brought in our windfall “Nibble With the Marottas” tray. Among them were:

  • Two pleated plastic lamp shades from the 80s, pleated not so much like the skirt of a Catholic school-girl’s uniform as pleated the way you used to fold the paper that encased your drinking straw before lowering a few drops of water onto it to make of it a writhing worm;
  • Four sheet-sets that no matter how much I washed them still smelled like they were involved in the War Between the States;
  • A ‘hot tray’ From The Land That Time Forgot meaning before anyone had a microwave which, when you plugged it in, rose to 900 degrees and, once you removed your casserole and tiny-wiener platter from it, offered a free third-degree burn to anyone foolish enough to let his fingers brush across it;
  • A fuzzy pillow cover shaped like a lion’s head, only with a tail hideously growing out of the side;
  • Two naked Barbies, exactly like all Barbie dolls everywhere who, but for their teensy waists and swelling breasts, are entirely free of  90% of your primary and secondary sex characteristics;
  • A pair of headphones the size of dinner plates, and finally…
  • My favorite sweater that survived the first culling a month ago but, looked at in the clear light of day, was seen to have just too many holes, too much hem-sagging all around.

This last I brought and set down with a heavy sigh – right before I spotted that cute linen jacket with the nice Princess Di shoulder pads which I whisked right home.

All of which just goes to show : you can take the girl our of the 80s but you can never take the 80s out of the girl. 🙂    

4 thoughts on “One Girl’s Trash…

  1. I’ve given this a lot of thought, so here goes: Why not take Marotta’s Nibbles to Antiques Roadshow, or at least check their website? What if it’s worth a lot of $$$? Like a Rembrandt found in someone’s attic?

    1. Ah you wound me ! Actually Yeah Debra. I tool another look at it and realized , like “no wonder I’m imagining that my kids are sometimes edging away from me in public!

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