Mostly Dead

This is me napping. The cartoon just under this is by Bruce Eric Kaplan in a recent New Yorker. The set-up he gives on the site you can visit to see all his work says In the middle of a cemetery, a thought bubble rises above the ground from someone beneath a grave.

Of course people who say stuff like this aren’t the real people;  they’re the ones who say they’re staying home for the summer if they’re just hopping over to their 20-room ‘cottages’ in the Hamptons on summer weekends. 

I love it, feeling as lazy as I do this weekend. I don’t feel exactly dead; just mostly dead as Billy Crystal says as Miracle Max in The Princess Bride. Watch the scene I’m referring to, which will take you right back in time to the comic heyday of Billy himself and Cary Elwes, and Carol Kane, all in this scene.

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