Crib Fun

  • I don’t know what you guys would do with two weeks of forced rest but I:
  • Lay in the bed for 40 minutes on awakening, just like babies do, practicing their vowel sounds and conducting invisible orchestras.a
  • Got a facial which is another way of saying “had my mustache snatched off” and this for the first time in like three years. (Normally I’d just Jolen the little critter; it’s only a light little suggestion of a mustache, kind of like the one Justin Bieber has.)

I also:

  • Had my hair cut, and begged Ronaldo to cut my bangs more. With such a high forehead as I have I look like Cousin It if the bangs get too long. (Alas he’ll never do it; he says if he does I’ll look like I just got out of ‘ze men-tal HOS-pital’ – only he says it in his nicely accented English so it’s just sweetly funny and not offensive in a targeting-the-mentally- challenged sort of way. Anyway how bad would it BE to look like the star of Girl Interrupted? Short bangs yeah but look at that mouth God gave her!)

And speaking of mental hospitals I also

  • Read this history of McLean Hospital, the onetime refuge of poet Robert Lowell, James Taylor, Sylvia Plath and Susanna Kaysen who wrote Girl Interrupted as well as many many more. Gracefully Insane it’s called, and I plowed through quite a few other books too, all at the same time which is how I like to do . 

And finally I 

  • Went and got worked on by a body worker specializing in myofascial release.

This is myofascial release here, the unwinding part of it anyway. There is more to be said about it and this video I realize looks like a combination snake charmer and strip club manual but I am here to tell you this technique feels great. At the end of my own time as a massage therapist I used it on clients for at least some portion of the hour, and – well, watch the clip and see if it doesn’t make YOU feel like you’re in your crib again and just waking from a dandy little nap.


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