Found at the Dump

What can I say? We didn’t make this or buy it but when we saw it just sitting there on the Swap Table at the dump we just had to bring it home, didn’t we? I mean this name of ours is pretty unusual as Italian names go.

Still, how much cooler if the real ceramicists (doubtless from the 70s) would come forward and claim it.

So how about it? Any takers named Marotta out there? I married into the name myself so my knowledge of the family tree is pretty limited.

Look at all that nice orange and yellow on the background of brown. It’s like the Reese’s Pieces are already in there! Or the diced carrots and beans, or the Indian corn, or the, uh throwup…

Course you can’t put it in the microwave with that there gold paint, and I wouldn’t put it in the dishwasher either it’s shaped so funny, plus it weighs so much and feels so sort of brittle..

But this is true kitsch, people; when it comes to a tsotchkies, it just doesnt get much tsotchkier.