And the Livin’ is Easy

Yesterday fat white clouds drifted all stately across a sky that looked like something out of those old-time Dick and Jane books with Spot and Puff and Mother in her pretty checkered dress with the belling skirt and Father slim as Fred Astaire in his natty light grey suit. 

It was a picture-book summer day in other words and people weren’t exactly working hard as far as I could tell.

At CVS the kid at the register was in such a fog he greeted me, thanked me and bade me goodbye without interrupting his open-eyed nap for so much as a second. I could have been wearing a clown wig and he wouldn’t have noticed.

Work was the last thing on his mind.

The last thing on my mind too.

I knocked off early to go for my first massage in over two years’ time and after it  felt so relaxed I missed the step on my way out of the building and had to execute several super-fast Salsa steps to keep from pitching forward onto the sidewalk.

I then went out for an early dinner, missed my mouth not once but twice, came back home for a quick nap, answered three emails, fell asleep watching the latest episode of Breaking Bad of all the impossible feats and went to bed for real at 10.

I swear: there are tensed-up stomach muscles that don’t really let go until right now, in this fully flowered, children’s-book-beautiful stretch of high-summer weeks.

5 thoughts on “And the Livin’ is Easy

    1. I get a kick out of grouchy people. also people who swear. But I’ve read your blog enough to know that you can’t stay down;you’re funny! and, I suspect, deeply happy. are you going all John Cleese on us with the roots of the comic impulse being in sadness? I do that at least once a year. To me the important thing is to be who you are every day here so… thanks!

      1. Toil toil, bubble and trouble…a bloggers life for me.

        I think I just co-opted several Disney witch curses, and the Pirates of the Caribbean. All in one fractured sentence. A new record for me!

        At least I’m working outside under my “umbrella ella”.
        So maybe things are looking up.

        I would hardly call that swearing, dude. But I forgot, they burn the witches up there, don’ they?

        Deeply happy???

  1. now we’re burning only men… 🙂
    You are happy; anyone can see that .
    I guess you don’t swear really though I’ll admit I was shocked by the “smelled like a French whore” reference.

    1. Shocked? Sorry for the shock and on a Sunday. I guess that’s the beauty of being the Blog Meister. We make our own rules.

      To be honest, when I write those wise man things, I have no idea what’s going to come out when I start. They usually make so little sense that I hope that people will just assume they’re funny and make up their own jokes. Kind of like Peter Sellers’ Chance in “Being There”. I have to do one for this Sunday, so stay tuned.

      Hey, All this chit chat is cutting into my beach time, Marotta.

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