Post Op

“Will this hurt when the drug wears off?” I asked David an hour or two after my surgery.

“Nah,” said the former football star. “It’s just a cut. Cuts don’t hurt.”

Actually it  hurts like a mothuh as the saying goes. So I turned to the boyfriend  of my girl Annie. He’s a firefighter/medic.  

“John, am I supposed to call the doctor? This really hurts.”

“Of course it hurts! They took a three-inch chunk out of your leg!”

We’re with John and Annie right now and in a few hours our other girl Carrie will arrive with her Chris and their two little ninja-boys. In this calm-before-the-storm-time I’m studying the post-op lit which says to take Tylenol, which I never do, relying instead on my best friend Excedrin, and occasionally going over to Advil because Dave takes Advil before playing golf…. BUT! you can’t take Excedrin or Advil in these first few days so here I am downing my two capsules of Tylenol every four to six hours. 

As it happens Annie is under the weather today too with a cough and bad sore throat and just now said, “I want to take some Tylenol too but John says I shouldn’t if  I want to have wine tonight.”

‘What?” I said. “Wha-a-a-a-t?”

“Yeah, it’s too much for your liver when you have both.”

“Seriously?” I said. “Last night  I couldn’t sleep between the pain and a racing brain and I finally got up at 3am, tossed back two Tylenols and half a Trazadone from an ’06 prescription and downed a couple of quick fingers of VO.”

“Then what did you do, smooth it all down with a hit of meth?”

These kids: wiseguys all of ’em. They’re bossing me pretty good right now but it actually feels kind of good to me, weak and wounded and ill-informed as I am. Plus I think all this self-moody absorption is kind of fun. Next up: hair-twirling and thumb-sucking. 


9 thoughts on “Post Op

  1. Sounds like the two of us have been really fortunate to get this far WHOLE. My prayers and hugs are there for you. VO is probably a lot better than most of the “stuff” they give us today for painkillers. So glad to know that you are surrounded by family and friends. Will also be praying for your patience and peace while healing. Am sure you will be getting plety of TLC. You’re always dishing it out now it is your turn to quietly receive. 🙂

    1. Patience yes. Acceptance. You always say the right thing Dick thanks so much . The little ninjas and I took a hose to all the ground level windows for an hour with windex and rags. my leg started to really throb and then I remembered: rest! elevating! oh yeah!

  2. A rapid recovery to you! Been there, done that so you are in my thoughts. Have some more VO and enjoy your family.

  3. Hope you’re feeling better soon, and I am both glad and terrified that Dr Magee is part of your care-taking team.

    (He’s right about the Tylenol + alcohol, for what it’s worth)

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