Yay for the Boston Accent

There was a story in yesterday’s Boston Globe about people trying to essentially scour their Boston accents away.

They fear people regard them as uneducated, or else they worry that the way they talk will prevent them from getting acting jobs because supposedly they sound so funny to everyone else in the country.

Here’s a video for you in this story by Globe reporter Billy Baker who attempts to use the accent-scouring technique he has just been telling about on his dad. You’ll see what a dyed-in-the-wool South Boston accent really sounds like when you hear old Pops. (Gotta love the guy; he’s trying SO hard – right up until the end when he says “Now get the hell out of my house.”)    



5 thoughts on “Yay for the Boston Accent

  1. It would be terrible to lose one’s Boston accent. I love to listen to former Speaker of the House, Tom Finneran, who is one of the morning men on WRKO. No one does it better. However, sometimes I worry about tourists who hear traffic reports about Dot Ave, wondering why that name doesn’t appear on their maps. In any case, how could a Boston accent sound dumb, when JFK, a master orator, delivered it to the world? I wish I had a Boston accent like my father’s who was a Dorchester lad. But I don’t and I don’t know why not. Perhaps Tom Finneran’s speech reminds me of my father. Yes indeed!

  2. Tell me your father’s dates. My people lived on Hewins Street and then Charlotte Street. I have diary upon diary of life at the start of the last century. all the vaudeville shows my grandfather went to, even as a judge. All the talks he gave about perfecting the world! what was your dad’s name?

  3. Dad was born around l898 or 90. Gilbert Supple was a “townie” on scholarship at Harvard, and after graduation in 1918 he joined the Navy. As the head of our family, he was the source of incredible fun, and was musical from the top of his head to the bottom of his toes. He was in the shoe business, headquartered in Brockton. Mother, nee Holland married dad at the age of l8. It worked. I own several of her paintings, and some of dad’s, who broke out the brushes when he retired. Our home was in Newton, and I had a wondrously funny and smart brother, now deceased, and a lovely sister who lives in FL, mother of 6 and grandmother of 19

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