Everybody’s Birthday

Here’s a great postcard that my college roommate sent me several years ago now. I could never mail it to anyone – I could never part with it! – and now I know why: This funny old-time card,  the work of the very clever Ashleigh Brilliant, is perfect for today.

Because July Fourth is everybody’s birthday, right?  I know we’ve been setting off fireworks around here since Saturday. (Calm down; they’re legal in the state where I’m spending the weekend.) And tonight, just as the loons are starting to whoop, we’ll drive into the village and see how the pros do it.

Take a look at Ashleigh’s website and support small business by ordering some cards for your own special occasions. Then take two minutes and watch this trailer from the great Barry Levinson’s great 1990 film Avalon about the man who immigrates to America and lands in Baltimore on a day just like this day 97 years ago.  And here’s to a great Fourth for everyone – ND a great year upcoming for our big loping good-natured country, just now coming out of its long adolescence. After all this living I have done I still can’t think of a place I’d rather live.

5 thoughts on “Everybody’s Birthday

  1. Makes me want to get the movie from Netflix. I did see it when it first came out…20 years ago + or -. Enjoy the 4th!

  2. Terry, I also watched it again over the weekend and was reminded what a wonderful and incredible shrine we have right here in New England to the Adams Legacy. Peacefield is such an amazing place, where times seems to stand still. I remember being sort of in awe when I saw the chair that John Adams died in and spoke the famous words, “Thomas Jefferson still lives.” Now you make me want to take a day trip and visit it all over again!

  3. you know I have never toured Peacefield and here I am in that town’s very paper. AND it’s like ten miles away!
    I would like to see that chair.
    Paul G is great isn’t he, as JA? Jon do you remember when his dad Bartlett Giamatti went from being President of Yale to being Commissioner of Baseball before his untimely death?

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