Diana, Dug Up

Newsweek man, I don’t know. The current cover story is about what Diana would be like if she had not died on the slow slow trip to the hospital in that French ambulance (Not the French’s fault! They say the only way she might possibly have lived is if she has been ejected from the car directly onto an operating table, so utterly torn from its mooring was her poor mortal heart.) 

There’s definitely something creepy about the story. They have this photoshopped picture of Diana, looking slightly wrinkled with a ropey neck as she would at age 50, then a second, more chilling fake shot  showing her seated on a stage with other pundits in an event put on by Bill Clinton and his Clinton Global Initiative, which of course didn’t exist in 1997 when she died. Nor did the iPhone exist that you see her clutching below. (Even the World Wide Web was still in the future, hard as that is to imagine.)  They have her making remarks on Facebook. They even have Camilla Parker Bowles friending her and her sending back a thumbs-up, the two of them having long since buried the hatchet.

And she’s been married a couple of more times in their scenario. (The thing with Dodi didn’t last.)

I find I don’t like Newsweek now that Tina Brown runs it. She was fine running Vanity Fair and the New Yorker but she is definitely cheesifying this fine old news magazine if you ask me. Her supposed reporter’s account of the wedding of Diana’s son to his own new princess actually said “ When Catherine’s eyes met William’s over the marriage vows at the Abbey, there was a powerful vibe of contented sexual understanding.”

I mean is that not smug presumptuousness taken as far as it can go? Add it to this current piece exhuming the poor lady and it’s my subscription that I want to deep-six.