Ready for a Break?

Being no ordinary mortal, I myself don’t need a long weekend, but I know some do. 

Some of my housemates, for example, show signs of being ready for one. 

This bottle of Captain Morgan rested all this week on a little table in our back bedroom, once the launching pad-slash-nursery for these little cuties,  but now functioning as Command Central for this former ‘child’ of ours (below) and his bride too, both living here since March.

Now a total grownup, he moved back north with her back in March and yet was still able to work his job managing the databases for a Texas-based medical supply firm, which he does from right here at this desk. (It’s a great century the 21st!)

She needs a weekend too but she won’t take it. She’s too blinded by the glare of the approaching CPA exams. And houseguest No. 3, a Fellow in Infectious Disease, has to work all weekend because (a) her job starts today and (b)  infectious disease itself just never takes a holiday.

As for Old Dave and me, we beat the traffic and sneaked away north to our summer cottage yesterday.  Where others would have oiled up, flopped onto a lounge chair and started in attracting mosquitoes, Dave set right to work raking. Me I unpacked my little suitcase, kicked it under the bed and for no known reason started cleaning out a closet untouched since the late 90s.As it happened one of those teeth took revenge by breaking clean off so now here I am again today trying to take a lesson from all that. Why am I so dumb? Why such a slow learner in adulthood when at age 12 I could recite a list of every preposition in the language, in alphabetical order? Life humbles us and we deserve the humbling.

I’m going to print this picture below and hang it on the fridge today. It’s the two of us in I think 1996. Anyway back in the day when we were happy renters and knew how to to kick back and take things slow. Hope all of you can do the same. 🙂 


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