Picture it: a couple of eight-year-olds in backwards-facing baseball caps at the Y, looking out the window at the really little guys playing in the Child Care enclosure outside. It was one of the last days in June and the whole place was jumpin’ because SUMMER DAY CAMP has started 

The eight-year-olds stood at the floor-to-ceiling window at the end of the narrow hallway you go down to enter the day’s activities on Fit-Linxx. They were knocking on the glass to get the attention of the little fellas,  most of them busy either sucking their fingers or squeezing their shirtfronts the way little kids do.

I saw these two making faces at the wee ones and I couldn’t help myself. I started to smile. They smiled back – at first – but then you could see them registering the hard fact that this was a grownup here, smile or no smile, and there was no telling what trouble she might start.

“Givin’ the little guys a hard time are ya?” I asked as I approached the Fit Lynx machine to record my Pilates session. I was still smiling madly.

“NO!” they cried unison. They sprang back from the window, then broke into a run.

“Not at all!” yelled one, passing me at a gallop.

“What little guys?” said the other, and then just as they passed me one turned back. “Maybe just a little!” he shouted gleefully. Then they both burst out laughing, streaked around the corner and were gone.   

You can see it, getting a boot out of watching those younger than themselves. Standing still and sucking their fingers or running like rabbits, young kids really are just plain funny.


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