Busy Ant Finally Stops, Smells Roses


Woke by mistake at 5am. Thought “Oh well.” Went to desk and sent June bill out to subscribing papers. Did an hour of Zumba at the Y, had tire patched at Mobil station, picked up a prescription at CVS and was back on the job by 9.


Then I:

  • Looked inside my head for something to write about. Came up empty.
  • Lost confidence; thought “best days are behind you!”
  • Called plumber about seriously bad news where leaking water from unknown source appears to be causing wormlike horror-movie-style projections to emerge from basement ceiling.
  • Upstairs shower also trickling down, soaking kitchen ceiling.
  • Plumber came. Some things are mysteries!
  • Plumber left.  
  • Ate lunch, watching 20 minutes of 1996’s First Wives Club. Goldie Hawn character’s lips ha ha!
  • Went upstairs to look for phone.
  • Put away Rx bought at CVS 8am
  • Pulled out new bottle of nail polish scored same time same place, first such bottle bought since before millennium.
  • Thought Why not? Sat on bed and put it on. 
  • Leaned back on bed; fell into deep sleep.
  • Woke with start TWO HOURS LATER?!
  • Stumbled downstairs. Ate like hungry dog. Husband out lifting a few with co-workers.
  • Husband home! Announced having buddies over 8:30pm for cards!
  • Buddies arrived. Much joshing, pouring of scotch.
  • Back upstairs to bedroom to iron a world of wrinkled clothes.
  • Instead got back on bed, took out 2nd secret bottle of new polish. Next up: lime green toenails.

OK NOW it feels like summer! 🙂  

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9 thoughts on “Busy Ant Finally Stops, Smells Roses

  1. Gotta pay someone to paint it on for me.. I could never sit still long enough to do my own toenails. Even at the nail salon I’ve been known to stand up, jam on my boots and leave too early. Not at all good at sitting around ! 🙂

  2. OMG, Terry, I get antsy too if I have to sit for a long period of time. When having a pedicure, I make sure I have a ton of magazines to read to keep my mind occupied. Then I take more magazines with me when they move me to the “drying station”. Tonight I had a root canal done (at 7:30 p.m. mind you). They told me it would be a 2 hour procedure – it turned out to be a “2 Adavan” adventure.


    1. Candy I so identify with this ! and having just broken off a tooth I too am reaching for the Adavan today, on my way home from the vacation place for emergency treatment!

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