Give Those Dogs a Smoke

Below is a video of these two dogs having a meal at a busy restaurant. It’s funny because they have human hands, which they use to drum and point and cradle their chins as they wait for the food, then eat the food and finally finish the food, all with knives and forks.

The crowd noise in the background is excellent –  you can hear the hostess calling out numbers when it’s time to seat the various parties – and the waitress is very believable. I just would have like to see them each pull out a cigarette and smoke it afterward but I guess that’s a silly thought. Smoking isn’t allowed in restaurants anymore, right, never mind what the animal rights people would have to say about blindly waving live coals around the furry snouts of two such trusting creatures.

What I do wonder is how the two hand-providing humans have themselves are situated for this shoot. I assume they’re under the sweaters the dogs are wearing but are they behind the canines and cradling them with their thighs? Are they under them somehow?

That’s Amazing Thing Number One. Amazing Thing Number Two is that 4 and a half million people have watched this video in the last three months. The question I ask there is one I asked through all my childhood (a) Where are the grownups?   and (b) how can we keep them from catching us and keeping us from having all this fun?  


4 thoughts on “Give Those Dogs a Smoke

  1. There are so many clever people out there! I think the folks manning the tableware are under the table. Maybe there is a mirror set up somewhere so they can see what the dogs are doing. I wonder how long it took to teach the dogs to stay there and not gulp the food and then run off.

    1. under the TABLE huh? Like lying down on their backs? if ever there was a need for a behind the scenes look…. But then the magic of it would be killed. Nice doggies! I;m glad they got top billing in the credits!

  2. What…you mean those aren’t their real hands!

    Can you imagine if dogs really did have hands? How cool would that be? Alhough whole “shake hands things might get a little creepy.

    But think about it…you could train them to take out the garbage, and not just eat it.

    They could knock on your door when they wanted to go out instead of whining about it.
    Pick up after themselves whenever…well you know.

    Hey, they could probably even use the toilet since now they could flush.

    But I suppose the line to get in the bathroom in the morning is long enough as it is.

    And do you really want your dog using your hair dryer?

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