Hitting the Wall

Before posting three whole hours late today I hurried to the handy people-counter called Site Meter to see who I’d disappointed and found someone in Paris, several people in Australia, three in the Netherlands, several in the UK, somebody New Delhi, somebody in Estonia and many more who came looking for something new from me and found only yesterday’s lame post about the raspberries.

This is a lot of people to let down and I’m sorry. It happened because I couldn’t sleep at all the night before last. At midnight when I had lain there for an hour I got up and changed the sheets. That didn’t help so at 1:30 I tried the Bath of Surprise where I get into a tubful of scalding water to stun myself into near-unconsciousness. That didn’t help either. Finally, at 3:30am I got up again and took an entire shower complete with hair washing, hair drying and hair squeezing –  what David calls the flat-iron step – AND, in an effort of true desperation, poured a giant tumbler  of cheap white wine and drank it all down while standing on one leg which is what I must do when I work on my hair. My hips are out of alignment these days and I find it feel better if, when standing for 40 minutes, I do the stork thing.

It was 4:30 by the time I got back into the bed and finally did fall sleep, chirping birds or not – until 6am anyway when my alarm went off and I got up to do the thousand things I did yesterday.. Thus, last night, right smack in the middle of the evening fun I left my ten family members all still laughing and carrying on, went into my room and wham! toppled over onto the bed  like a felled tree.

Blankness, Dreaming. Tardiness posting. And now a brand new day with all new adventures ahead.


4 thoughts on “Hitting the Wall

  1. Hi Terry,
    I’ve just stumbled on you blog via Columnists.com’s list of 2010 award winners. Saw you won in the humor category and were self-syndicated. The reason this was of interest to me is that I have recently begun a Blog myself called “The Freelance Retort”. http://freelanceretort.blogspot.com/

    I’m a Freelance Writer (capitalizing it seems to give it more weight than it really deserves) in the corporate field, which I describe in more detail in my on- line profile. I’d been thinking of doing something like this for a while, and was finally spurred into action by the recent revelation that the world’s end was due May 21. I figured if that were the case then I really wouldn’t have to write more than a few pieces, so what the heck. But, as luck would have it, the whole thing’s been re-calculated and postponed for several more months. So now, here I sit, writing to you.
    Up ‘til now like most blogs, it’s largely been for the benefit of family, friends and co-workers. I’ve recently queried the local newspaper and they say they like my style and may publish some of my posts as columns,…providing the “letters to the editor” section has a summer lull.

    So there’s that.

    In truth, I’ve mostly been writing for my own amusement to keep from going insane during the down times in between projects. The idea is to write commentary based on my slightly off kilter view of life as a freelance writer, in which I sometimes have way too much time on my hands.

    Since our styles are somewhat similar, I would be interested in getting your feedback plus any suggestions you might have in regard to building an impressive following such as yours. My Estonia numbers are way down. I notice that you post just about every day. I would love to have that motivation.


    Brian Moloney
    The Freelance Retort

    PS- Sorry if I posted this twice. I hit post and the comment section came back blank. See I really am a newbie!

    1. Brian what a cute funny letter! (Your Estonia numbers are down ha ha!)
      I was at a loss myself as to how to keep on keepin’ on with so many papers dying so I just made a decision to post every day here thinking Let’s see what happens. I don’t have a million followers like Dooce let’s say, though she did write me a postcard once. and John Updike wrote me a postcard twice. it’s because I’m a born fan and am never happier than when I’m affirming someone or someTHING,

      I say write every day and see what happens! Keep me company out here on the smiling edge of the universe!
      Now I will go look at your blog and we will be friends forever

  2. Hi Terry,

    That was actually my first comment on anything on-line, and besides fearing I had screwed something up, I was also afraid I had broken some bloggers protocol or code by shamelessly listing my Blog site.
    Thanks so much for such a speedy, kind and encouraging response. You must be the nicest person in the world, despite what Salinger said: “He’s a writer. He is not a nice person”.

    So I would disagree.

    If I were you I would look at the blog first before deciding if you want to be friends with me forever. Since I began posting I’ve already lost about 4 or 5 of the small handful of friends I already had…
    I have to admit that after I wrote to you, I spent about 3 or 4 hours poking around on-line looking at some of the blogs you recommended and they recommended and so on and so on. It was somewhat discouraging to see how many talented funny people are already out there; most of whom are already well established. Why does the blogosphere need me for? But your words have picked me back up. That and the fact that I really did see the squirrel holes in my lawn this morning when I went out to pick up the papers, and immediately my brain started writing, even without my permission, the thing I posted today. So maybe I can do this.

    Who knows…certainly not me.

    I hope you enjoyed your trip around the Retort. I would love to hear your comments. Be brutal, if need be, I can take it. Well, not really, but I need to hear it.


    2 Post cards from John Updike? One of my all-time favorites! How cool is that?
    The only communication I ever received from anyone famous was an autograph photo of Hervé Villechaize. I’m not even sure how genuine it was though, since it was signed:
    “Stand tall—
    All the Best, Herb”

  3. yes that postcard I got from John Updike was to thank me for sending a condolence note to him on the death of his mother. ( He had written a short story in the New Yorker about a woman found dead in her kitchen and I knew at once that it was his mom in the old Pennsylvania farmhouse. ) My mom died in my living room but it was in the middle of her own birthday party, I wrote about it and sent him a copy of the column in my letter and he wrote this postcard, saying on it ” you write like a dream.” Imagine? that piece of kindness, which says far more about him than it ever could about me, is what got my first book noticed,

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