Double Blind

It’s a rare thing when Dear Abby misses the mark but she did yesterday I think. A guy wrote in to ask about the right way, the “normal” or “proper” way of closing the blinds at night. Should they be closed with the slats in the upward position, or was the downward position better? He and his his wife couldn’t agree. 

Abby replied that it wasn’t a a matter of what was ‘normal’ or ‘proper’;  it was a matter of what worked best for them. She could report however that tilting the slats up blocked more light than when tilting them down.  

But is that what you mostly worry about when it comes to your blinds?

Don’t you worry more about how easy it is for someone to look in when they’re titled each way? 

I say this if a passersby can get close enough to your window to kneel down in front of it and the blinds are tilted up, the person can see right in and find you toweling off your little bare self. If the person lives in the apartment above you and you don’t shut those downward-facing blinds tight tight tight they can see you too.

Maybe you don’t mind this, you have to ask yourself.

Do you feel OK about having someone see you gluing on your toupée or painting that hot caterpillar of wax on your upper lip before ripping off your mustache? That’s the real question, and like Abby says there’s no normal or proper about it.