French, Like the Braid

I got a comment on Wednesday’s piece in which I was mean to a mean old lady, at least in my mind and here’s the nice thing about a blog: the way people leave comments. Then you write to them and they write back to you and suddenly where once you had just your own little thin ponytail of a notion you now have this lovely thick layered thought like the French braid you see on Nicole Ritchie here.

Today every single second of my day is scripted so I’ll hope to say more soon on this soon.

For now let me just quote the central question that this nice person asked: How do we figure out how to call a person on his or her mean-spiritedness without becoming mean-spirited ourselves? 

I have a book I’ve been meaning to read  that promises to teach you exactly that. Feels like the time has come to pull it down from the shelf and see what it says.

That’s me on the right when I’m at my worst. 🙂