A Guest at the Wedding

If you’re going to the royal wedding even in your mind. it’s not enough to make the appropriate gestures. I tried the royal wave but it just looked like I was hailing a cab.

Also you can’t just smile your same goofy smile  like some camp counselor so I got that wrong too, see?

What you have to do really  is sit up straight,

suck in your stomach,

then sit up even straighter.  

Really though?  Really it’s all about the hat.:-)

12 thoughts on “A Guest at the Wedding

  1. hat what hat .i was checking out the gams.Guess the y is working out for you.Keep at it.haven’t seen my wife up this early in a long time,but she was up to watch the wedding.go figure.

  2. But you had the Millinery cocked at just the proper stylish angle, so that makes up for the “wrong” smile! I believe I figured out why they wear their hats on the side……so that they won’t obscure the view of those behind them! Ever polite, the British!

  3. Terry,
    Kathy say’s you look great in that hat and wants to know the story on how you acquired it. You had a wonderful day. Good going? We went to Kathy’s sister’s home where her niece’s 4th and 6th graders gathered after school today. With friends they all got in long dresses and hats to watch the wedding (VCR) after school. I was with 6 real princesses today.

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