Go With It

Speaking of altering your look like the stars do, here’s a dog who actually had to have surgery because he couldn’t see. His mom might be appalled but I bet the pooch himself feels just fine about the change. I mean he might not look like all his pals anymore but hey: he can SEE!

To me it’s a reminder to us all to make our peace with our changing situation and move on. Some women, after mastectomies, tattoo the empty spot on chests, turning scar tissue into some gorgeous kind of wall covering.

I can see doing that – if I could get the tattoo done under deep anesthesia or something. (It’s like what Woody Allen said about dying. That he didn’t really mind the thought of  dying – as long as he didn’t have to be there when it happened.)

The final episode of HBO’s Big Love gave a pretty good picture of how it is to be the person in those final moments. There’s that momentary fear as the faces leaning over you grow indistinct and then… that light we’ve all heard about and there you are looking down at that little ragdoll of a body and maybe wondering why it seemed such a major big deal to you while you were riding around inside it.

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just let go and move into the light. Isn’t it so odd that not one of us REALLY knows what the transition is like? Science types say the light you see is a result of the brain’s being deprived of oxygen but you know how Science types are. Me. I’m not buyin’ that theory for a minute.


2 thoughts on “Go With It

  1. Yeah, the “science-types” also claim the light’s from all the excess endorphins flooding the brain one last time. Maybe those excess endorphins are being caused by the magnificent light (i.e. the endorphins are the Effect caused by that Light)
    I’m glad you and I aren’t “science-types”.

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