Facing Facts

I felt such a soaring sense of gladness as I jotted all that down first thing yesterday, and then someone immediately wrote  “How on earth do you find time to WRITE?” and I realized how crazy I sounded. And – this is the embarrassing part – I didn’t even write down a lot of the stuff I did this past week. I didn’t say for example:

That I also brought someone to the mall because his new red sneakers were too big. “It’s Ok because I need new dinnerware!” I told myself and it’s true. Our plates and bowl are in terrible shape, so while he did his sneakers thing I literally sprinted to Housewares at the Sears store where I heard they had Corelle but alas, no such luck.

That I went BACK to this Mall two days later when a flier came in the mail saying that Macy’s had all their dinnerware deeply discounted. I wasted 40 minutes of THAT day compiling bowls and plates from a Martha Stewart collection before I thought to read the writing on the bottom of each piece. “Dishwasher and microwave safe,” it said. “Will get hot in microwave.”  (You tell ME who wants a mug that practically brands your whole hand when you go to reach out your tea?)

I didn’t say that I took the elderly relative to that little pond he loves, not once but twice between Monday and Thursday and on Thursday I bought him coffee at the coffee shop, and two subs at the sub shop and then, while I was running into the bank to deposit his checks, a burger at the McDonald’s next door which I quick ducked into on the spur of the moment, knowing how he loves a nice hot burger. (The subs he carefully cuts in sections and eat for his suppers. Born in 1920 to parents fleeing Armenia, he has trouble eating a thing all at once.)

All this I did while he sat sweetly, patiently in the car waiting for me. All this I did before we then went to that same little pond he loves so much in spite of its stubborn snowbanks all covered with litter and its sulky seagulls. (They sulk because they’re seagulls I always figure and keep looking around and thinking  “This isn’t the beach!” which it sure enough isn’t.)

There he ate his burger and I choked down the salmon salad I had hastily thrown in Tupperware so he would see that I was eating too.

I see that I wrote “choked down.”  (Sigh.)  I believe I have some thinking to do on this sunny Sunday. More tomorrow I guess. Maybe some insight then,

One thought on “Facing Facts

  1. They say you always find time for what is important for you. You do it well. Am glad God gave you the enthusiasm, expectation and energy to be YOU. :)We are all blessed. If the world ever needed encouragement it is today.

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