Timecard time. Here’s what MY week was like:

  • Made dinner for 14 hungry mouths and toted it TO said mouths, along with pot, pan and cookie sheet. The cheesy potatoes: definite thumbs up. The homemade strawberry shortcake: apparently passé. My kitchen like a Jackson Pollock canvas. (Hey, I tried.)

  • Took dear elderly relative to look at his favorite pond, a theoretical exercise at best since (a) pond still frozen and (b)  same darn snowbanks (now dotted with litter) block the view anyway. Enjoyed swooping birds at least.
  • Offered to bring appetizer to Smith Club Book group and, hurrying out of the house, pressed container of shrimp too close to body, thus arriving in silk blouse puddled over entirely with stinky shrimp drool.
  • Received call from two anxious high school seniors without the means of transportation to go buy supplies for the fashioning of human parts for Anatomy & Physiology class. Off to the crafts store in search of  plaster of Paris. Success! ($123 later.)
  • Sat down to plan student activities for eight: Should it be outdoor paintballing or a trip to the science museum? Trampoline jumping or Shakespeare’s Antony & Cleopatra. Tony & Cleo a definite I declare as the driver.
  • Brought a college student together with a high school student for purpose of one tutoring the other in Italian. Envious of student.
  • Received second call about Body Part Project: Plaster of Paris failed to set up! Back to crafts store for modeling clay, paint, giant fat bag of fiberfill. Rush rush, due next day lengthy text describing Physiology of feedback loops.
  • Home at last to find prodigal son and bride arrived all the way from Florida with two cars stuffed to the roof, arrival having been preceded by the arrival all week of heavy box after heavy box. Two postmen! three bad backs! They are here to stay, these two. (See yesterday’s post.)  Exclamations of joy! Hugs and kisses!
  • Sleep came at last that night in a house once again full as in days of old.
  • Saturday came. Tired. Dead tired at end of a long great week.

3 thoughts on “Timecard

  1. What a full and wonderful life, to be connected to so many lives, young and old, far and near. It doesn’t get better than that.

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