You Think You’re So Smart

Okay so a lot of  people guessed right yesterday: Those WERE pictures of Hillary Clinton and Robin Williams when young but what about these two pix. hmmm? What I want to know now are the identities of (a) the child in the middle here….

…..and (b) this babe with the slightly inturned teeth:

They each reproduced, like many humans (and also rabbits) and certainly the tie between parent and child is very strong. To show you how strong, take a look at this video from 1984, which is the year my son was born. (The strange thing: I remember seeing this show air on Mothers Day of that year. The stranger thing: it seems like it was just five years ago.)

I love how fun-loving Robin Williams’ mom is and also how young he looks and how happy. This was just after his first film Popeye, which totally tanked,  and before he began making movies in which he let the audience see the empathy of which he is capable. (That scene from Good Morning Vietnam alone when as Adrian Cronauer he watches the convoy of fresh soldiers passing…!)

What really kills me about this clip is not the then-newly-altered shape of Carol Burnett’s jaw the peculiar getup on her sidekick as those two women introduce the segment but how very clear it is that Robin really likes his mom. It’s worth watching all the way through – but for sure stick around long enough for the sightgag with the rubber band.