Haunted Honeymoon

It’s impossible to be serious all the time – who’d want to even try? So after my sobbingly nostalgic blurt about old things here yesterday I thought I’d say more about the old thing we sleep in, meaning that bed I spoke about that we found in the cellar of our last house where we use the headboard but not the footboard.

I think it’s haunted. I know it doesn’t LOOK haunted covered with kids as it is in that picture but what about in this picture?  See that lady sitting up beside David as he quietly reads his paper? I mean who is she but a spectral presence? And where are her clothes?

And look! I caught her on camera a second time, here six feet away from the bed.

She’s starting to take over the house! And isn’t she the show-off trying to get us to look at her by standing right in front of the TV. What do I do, burn sage? Work on my own abs? Call the Ghostbusters?

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