Change o’ Pace Snowday

When the last giant snowstorm hit a few weeks ago I curled up in my bed and read all day which is totally unlike me.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that David stayed home that whole day, briskly shoveling and paying the bills and starting on the taxes.  It just felt like the more he did, the less I had to do. (It’s a marriage thing I think.)  But yesterday’s storm was a whole different thing. I woke up at 6:30 and seeing that the snow hadn’t started, jumped into my clothes and made that  7 o’clock yoga class at the Y. ‘Course then someplace between Downward Facing Dog and Corpse Pose the snow hit like a fist and a drive that had taken me 7 minutes on the way over took me 50 minutes on the way back. Hence by the time I stomped back into the kitchen with my snowy boots David was gone baby gone, off to the fun and camaraderie of office life, leaving me to have  about the most unusual day  I have ever had in that I did not read a single word during it nor even come into the same room as my conjoined twin the laptop.

Instead, I stood all day cooking. And while I cooked I watched movies on HBO. And here is what I noted:

  • Whoopi Goldberg does ‘dignified’ fine as in Mississippi Burning but is much more fun to watch swearing her head off  in Jumpin’ Jack Flash.
  • 11 years after Back to the Future Michael J Fox did a silly film called The Frighteners made tolerable only by the presence of those same scary black flying guys that go after Patrick Swayze’s killer in Ghost.
  • Zooey Deschanel’s character really disappoints the kid from 3d Rock in 500 Days of Summer but she sure has cute teeth. They’re actually real!
  • And though it’s true that I’m getting just a teensy bit tired of  It’s Complicated I still love the scene where she’s smoking a joint in the bathroom with her caddish but lovable ex and laughing like a hyena –  right up until the moment she catches sight of herself in the mirror, stops short and says suddenly, tragically. “GOD, is that what I LOOK like?!”

She is having a moment everyone over 50 has had, lemme tell ya – which is why we older folks can no longer get by on looks alone but instead have to produce now and then. Which is also why on this particular snow day I…

  • Broiled a pound of salmon,
  • Made a shrimp and avocado salad,
  • Mixed up a zingy meatloaf with oatmeal instead of breadcrumbs,
  • Tossed up an Italian tuna and arugula salad,
  • Roasted  sweet potatoes, dusting them first with sea salt and garam masala,
  • Grilled a bunch of mushrooms,
  • Culled, rinsed and steamed a world of pinto beans,
  • And fried up mashed potatoes in butter ’til I had a wonderful golden pancake all bubbling and crisp at the edges.

All of which brings oddly to mind the lyrics to this old song, often sung to me by my mate:

3 thoughts on “Change o’ Pace Snowday

  1. Love that phrase downward facing dog and corpse pose!! Gave me the giggles. Food sounds really good–I’ll just slide on over cmoing down 128. Check your email for the story about the Walmart Murder. Watching a group of trees, my sentinels in the backyard beaten to the ground by the snow, waiting to see if the rain washes the snow off and lets them spring back up if they don’t ice up first. A different kind of freezing for the future!! I’ve had some good meals too and lo and behold, my liquor store delivers so I had the right kinds of wine to go with seafood or meats or “sketti” etc. Going to stuff some celery today with roasted garlic hummus and maybe have the leftover scallops I baked Monday night. Whatever it is about scallops, several hours later I have enough gas to float a blimp!! Le Chaim my dear!

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