Workin’ 9 to 5

It’s Saturday and I feel LAZY. Slept late  today – ‘til 7:30 as against 5:10 – and went to bed last night with no t’s crossed and no i’s dotted, very unlike me.

One minute I was reading Jane Eyre on my bed, fully clothed my meager four ounces of wine at my elbow and the next I was sound asleep and dreaming all kinds of racy ancillary adventured for old Jane to get involved in.  Then it was I-don’t-know-what-time and I was under the covers, mostly clothed and drooling, the wine still untouched beside me.

I get so tired as the week goes on. We all do. I look at the traffic report on TV mornings and there we all are in our cars hours before dawn, inching along toward work. I go out in my own car and there we are waiting at bus stops, in snow and rain and air so cold it makes your fillings hurt.

The French have it knocked. They’ve got free this, free that, 6 weeks of vacation and nobody goes in to work ‘til 9 or 10 in the morning and then they’re out at the cafés nights laughing and smoking their brains out and drinking the good red wine.

Say what you want about us Americans, I think we’re  the hardest-working people anywhere. So me falling asleep sitting up? And the two EMTs seen sacked out below?  Well it’s bound to happen sometimes, right? 😉

2 thoughts on “Workin’ 9 to 5

  1. Sometimes I think American culture trains us to live beyond our means because the emphasis is on the number on the paycheck instead of what is done with it.

    When I went to Nice with Spousal Unit I was stunned at how much time the French spend eating with friends at restaurants for lunch and dinner (which, in Nice, begins at 7:30 pm or so when all the stores close–no 10 pm shopping for these folks.)

    Just spending two weeks there and drinking in the bonhomie that pours out of those sidewalk cafes and restaurants after quitting time (you sit cheek-to-jowl with the next table of diners and there’s a lot of jovial crosstalk with strangers-made-friends) has convinced me that the French have the right idea about what is important about life.

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