First Day of Autumn

It’s supposed to be 82° on this first day of fall and I’m driving 180 miles to get two things I left at our summer cottage: my planner and my diary. Without the planner I don’t know when to cut my nails  never mind meet my deadlines. I do have a Blackberry, but it stopped synching with Outlook a good 8 weeks ago and the support people can’t sort it out no matter HOW long they stay on the phone reading from their Help menus. Plus lately it’s decided to randomly match the pictures of my 500 Facebook friends with people in my 1200-person address book so when I go to call up say the info on a fan in her late 70s I get a picture of some young guy with his shirt off drunk in a bar.

I’m about done with the Blackberry to be honest. Schedules and contacts are too important to me; diaries too. What’s coming up, what’s just past: these things I really need to be able to ponder, the way other people need to breathe into a brown paper bag when they’re anxious. I haven’t written in my diary for three weeks now and so much has happened on my inner landscape plus let’s face it: summer’s over. The mice are moving back in and my little mosquito pal finds he much prefers the climate in our steamy soap-scented bathroom to the outdoors where even a warm day like this one the nights are downright COLD. Last week this maple just panicked at the thought of what’s ahead, trembled once and blushed clear down to the roots of its hair.

6 thoughts on “First Day of Autumn

  1. I think the old fashioned way of keeping an appointment book, log or diary was one I would always use was the right decision for me and it seems that you might want to reconsider, too!

    Best wishes; Frank

    P, S. Sure would save a lot of time and gas ($$)

  2. Hi Terry,
    Loved your discription of fall. I have an events calendar in my microword. I update it as things happen, then delete them the next year and keep the standard occasions. Only problem, have to remember to look at it. Have a wonderful autumn.
    Love, Bernice

  3. T – you’re the only one I know that has more traumas than me…lol Maybe we both watched too many “I Love Lucy” repeats in our childhood;-) Fall and the flys and my trusty Eureka all make me happy. I leave the screen door propped open to the back for the dogs and at night close it down and suck the flys up into the old ’70’s Eureka. It’s a trick, but if you know how a fly takes off, it’s easy. Hmmm…a young guy with his shirt off drunk in a bar was an accident?…lol

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