The Power of Example

Husbands create an extra seven hours a week of housework for wives, according to a new study released April 3 by the University of Michigan.

It’s 6 at night and after 5 hours driving I stop at the good old Double D Ranch for the jolt of java that will get me home. The girl behind the counter is jokey and warm, but with sore feet.  “Been here since 6 this mornin’ – Whoo-EE  my dogs is hurtin’!” she’s telling me, when this guy approaches her with a notably wheedling manner.

They talk a bit and his expression of supplication lingers. ‘Just another sharpie lookin’ to score a discount Latte by asking for extra gobs of cream’ I’m thinkin’ when, edging toward the door, he calls back to her: “See you later then? Love you! See you at home!”

“Your husband?”  I ask when the door closes,

“My boyfriend – IF I’m in the mood,” she says, rolling her eyes and standing on tiptoe to see him into his truck.

“So not going straight home?”

“Hells NO! 12 hours on the job! If I want to go have a pitcher of beer first I’m doin’ it!”

“Good for you” say I, wave goodbye, climb in my own truck  and drive the last hour of my six-hour driving day. Get home at 7 to find my man knee-deep in the papers and watchin’ the ballgame and tell ya what I decide not to make no supper m’self.

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