New Lows from TigerTown

My vote is it’s creepy, Nike’s new ad featuring a mute Tiger Woods staring morosely into the camera while his dead father’s voice seems to be giving him a sober ‘talking-to’. Take a look  below if you haven’t seen it. (And  I used to think Natalie Cole singing duets with a father many decades in the ground was a little unsettling!)  An ad expert  raved on about how brilliant the Nike ad is on the Today Show just now but to me Tiger’s sorryface has the same authenticity as the segment a few minutes later showing the dog who could smile. Well the dog once sort of seemed to be smiling over a plate of food and its owner captured it on camera. It didn’t smile on the Today Show of course. It just has one of those wide straight-line mouths like George Washington’s in the Gilbert Stuart portrait that, with a slight twitch of a cheek muscle, could sort of turn up into something resemble a smile.

Making an ad is hard work especially when the shot is this tight. It maybe took eight or ten takes before the Nike people got the look they wanted and chances are the guy was more bored or exasperated than anything else underneath the Emmett Kelly face. Is he sorry about this whole huge mess? I dare say he’s sorry! Should his remorse be used to sell shoes, effect a little damage control for this huge corporation long associated with him.? Well it sure rubs me the wrong way. I was fixin’ to buy some of those nice leg toning sneakers that build muscle clear to the glutes and I’d been looking for a while at Nike’s Shox Turbo shoe. Instead I think I’ll head for the Skechers aisle; anyway they also throw in pretty sparkles on the sides.

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