US Scare

Just flew back across country on US Scare and would not have been surprised to see people holding chickens in their laps, it felt that primitive. By which I mean:

No movie. Maybe we all got spoiled with the movies but a six-hour trip with not even the distraction of a safety video?

No food. Well, no complimentary food. They have big signs saying “You’d better buy it now!” outside the gates but my guys didn’t realize. (I myself always travel with my own food which embarrasses them no end. It’s not the entrees, it’s the cutlery I think.)

An odd sort of flight attendant, like the one who came pushing along the food cart just after takeoff. He barreled down the aisle saying “Food? Food?”, not individually but in a kind of Greek chorus voice meant for all. “What have you got?” asked the woman beside me. “Well it’s all right here!” huffed the guy as if we had X-ray vision and could see through the cart’s steel sides. And…

The bathroom got into trouble and nobody fixed it. Enough said there.

The whole experience reminded me of the time we took the train from Boston to Tampa one frigid winter and the cold followed us the whole way like a yelping bloodhound. There was that same kind of mute suffering then. The cars were freezing and somebody threw up in the bathroom which of course caused other people to throw up when they came upon the mess. Then the sinks stopped working. “The sinks don’t work! I think the pipes all froze!” I said, near tears, to the conductor. This was when we were just north of into DC.  “Oh ya,” he said. “But they’ll thaw once we hit Georgia.”

I was a wreck during that trip and I was wreck during this one. Plus I just found out from my friend Scott that he flew across the country this past weekend too but he flew Jet Blue, so doubtless paid less AND he got a movie. Just sayin’. I won’t ever try going from A to B with these guys again; I’ll take a rickshaw first.

5 thoughts on “US Scare

  1. Terrible and unacceptable!! Nothing like being held hostage on a plane with snippy flight attendants!! Travel has not gotten easier or cheaper over the years, it is so bad my husband and I are forced to pony up the money to fly first class because of my disabilites flying coach is too much of a crap shoot and health liability! I simple can not take the chance’s of their last minute changes and being in lockdown mode with food and beverages or broken lavatories. IT is just not acceptable in today’s huge travel industry for anyone, clearly something needs to be done and fast. I knew I was in trouble when the flight attendants whipped out the seatbelts and oxygen masks before we took off from Boston, no safety video = no movie and that is on US Air! Pay for your baggage ahead and save money, pay at the counter and it cost more. I am surprised they don’t charge for fresh air on the plane and install pay toilets. It takes me more time and costs more money for us to make flying arrangements than it does to plan a or pay for our accomodation when we land. What on earth is going on? Where has all the customer service and customer loylaty gone? Do let us know if you find it! Sorry you had such a hard time! Major Fail on their part!!

  2. Well at least you got off the ground before bathroom went on back to repair a Gov’t facility HQ for repair! (FAA says U can’t take off with a brokded terlit!) I remember a flight I was taking was delayed for more than an hour at BDL and then I missed connection in Atlanta and arrived at Ft Lauderdale six hours later, stranded at terminal for another hour or so. To top it all off my meds for anxiety were in the plane hold and they had to pry me off ceiling to get me off plane in Ft. Lauderdale! I never got to see “Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs” video. Thank heavens, they might have charged fee for that. Next thing U know they will be charging for the ecogreen recycled air. Suzan is lucky they didn’t charge her entertainment fee for Oxygen course she took! As for Pay Terlit’s, I have a lot of slugs for anyone who needs some…
    I am now a confirmed loyalist of any walk marathon, but I have a heart condition and can’t get out of my own way, anymore!
    Sad lesson learned: Join Boy or Girls Scouts and utilze motto how to “Be Prepared”. U get what U pay for and not what U deserve. Go figure!

  3. It took a great deal of courage and prayers to get me on a plane to go to Disney World in 1980. There had been a lot of crashes prior to that and my mouth was dry with fear that left abruptly when the plane started rolling down the runway. Then I had to get the window seat so I could see all. The only fearful thing was when I used the rest room and thought I was locked in, couldn’t get out and was in tears begging the flight attendent to help me. Coming back we were in a smaller, lighter plane going through a thunderstorm but I was “seasoned” then and loved it all. The next time I flew was after taking a train to Virginia, seeing how long a drive I caused my host to have in order to pick me up and so flew home again with no fear, loving that my son had a limo waiting to pick me up at the airport to bring me home. I sat up front with the driver so we could chat; the poor guy backed over a rock in my condo complex and God only knows how much of the undercarriage was left but he refused to let me worry about it. Even his tip had been taken care of so I felt like a truly pampered lady. Your experience sounds horrible; will you write to the management of the airlines to complain?

  4. Wow! What fantastic writing.
    I remember the shock when switching from Korean Air to American.
    I guess we are lucky to fly but we can be choosy.
    I’ll pass your blog to my friend who flies a lot.

  5. My first plane flight ever was to Tampa. Fl. from Maine alone. Icannot remember the name of the Airline since I have flown since. The window seat had been taken so I kept glancing over to get a peep down, to see sights I had never seen. Every time the man turned look around ,seemed like I was looking. Half hour before we got into Tampa, I reached over and touched his arm and explained to him why I was always looking his way,.. He smiled and asked me if I wanted to change seats.. We changed, then and there. A delight to me and I think to him also 🙂 I have not had a bad experience on any flight.

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