Brokedown Palace

I’m a baby. Also I guess kind of spoiled because this rental house was actually nice in a way. All we needed to do was not LOOK in the sex bedrooms or the closet with the naked baby dolls; not take notice of the birds swooping through the living room or the bird-poop on the kitchen counters; not think about the fact that the bathroom doors didn’t close or the bedspreads all had this nasty waxy feel to them.

We just had to not take note of the highly poisonous lizard ten feet from the pool which  in any case we couldn’t use because its heater was broken the whole time and it was in the 30s at night.

I showed just the bullet hole and some of the crappy busted stuff last time and here’s more along these lines:




But some of what was there was nice:  you could have a nice bath, though not in private.


You could listen to the ghost piano(See last post by clicking here for that spooky piano feature.)

And you could always could sit on the patio – if you had your coat on-  and forget all about the bedspreads


Really I guess the trick was to be like our little guys and just decide to have fun anyway and that’s what we did. We couldn’t sleep. We couldn’t relax in the the bathroom. But we sure enough laughed our heads off the whole time – which I think is all that kept the bats from settling in our hair.

az-fun-anyway-1 two of our party who loved the place no matter what

4 thoughts on “Brokedown Palace

  1. Is this a joke, Terry? Are you really vacationing in a place like that? Heavens to murgatroyd!! Love reading about it…..from a distance so that dead moths won’t drop on the fudge chocolate cake I indulge in today. On Facebook now; whole new experience. Also volunteering at library in town; you know how I love books and my “boss” told me to feel free to stop my work and browse anytime. Got some neat pix of my great granddaughter on Facebook but don’t know how to forward or share. And she’s moving to NC in a few months! Ya think if I go south to visit, I might be staying in a place with watersnakes, spiders and humidity so heavy, I will be a sodden mess? More later about the Smithsonian. Hope you’re having fun!

  2. “Memories Are Made of This”! Gonna make you appreciate the late Spring snowstorm when you get back home to New England. 🙂

  3. Couldn’t stop looking at the shot of Eddie and David Clancey at the pool, Ter. wonderful head and ears has Eddie. D.C. in his little rubber shoes, right foot suspended in time is so poignant it breaks my heart!

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