Girls For Sale

visible-womanHere’s the latest Believe It or Not: I found a bunch of bathing suits that come with the ladies already IN them. And OK, yes they’re made of see-through plastic and are missing their insides and their arms and their whole back half but still they have the important stuff, meaning,  ahem, ‘bweasts’, that fill out the suit very nicely.

“Wo they’re selling ladies! “ I cried when I came upon them in the bathing suit bin at my local BJ’s. Four other shoppers whipped their heads around to stare at me, but I couldn’t help it: they reminded me so much of the Visible Woman I got for my ninth birthday and oh the fun I had painting her little pancreas and tiny colon!

She had breasts too, which were highly interesting to us kids since our mother was so modest she practically hid in the cellar to change. As a result Nan and I grew up in ignorance. What were breasts anyway? WE sure didn’t know and we were girls! We called them ‘lumps.’ “When will WE get lumps?” we asked each other.

And now here were all these bathing suits that came with them! I picked one up. A two-piece, nice. Little black shorts and a kind of overblouse, cute. Made by Jantzen, a reputable house.

I grabbed one and brought it right home; put a fright wig on its stem of a neck and propped it up on the bed next to Dave who said “DO NOT take a picture! OK DO NOT put that picture on your blog!”

So I took her into the study and propped her up against the window so you could see her.

selling-ladiesShe’s amazing , right?  She even has a bellybutton!  I love her.

She goes with my skeleton, the next best thing I bought in the last six months.

Now all I need is a bag of innards and there’s my kit: Visible Woman ’09 here I come!


3 thoughts on “Girls For Sale

  1. Oh T, God love you! You have my sense of humor; strange and whacked…lol Though I must say my brother and I learned of breasts from our younger sister’s Barbies which we would line up in the cellar and shoot BB’s at. She didn’t care as she used to spin them wildly on the record player until they flew off.

  2. T, ILooking at the picture, I thought, she almost looks like a ghost in your room. What fun! You could shine colorful lights through her, make it look like she is passing right through the chair or wall…, forget it. Shoveling and moving my car back and forth for the plow guy is tiring me although today the younger men shovelers helped me a little; mopping up puddles from my boots when I come in–didn’t even realize until I was shivering that my sweat pants were damp to above my knees. Knowing me you know the snow doesn’t have to be too deep to soak me from toes to knees, now does it? Chest pains kept me awake until 3 a.m. I’m sure it was my body’s way of saying, “Hey, you don’t exercise me this way regularly; I protest and am showing you by giving you a pain.” No pain today, just a little tightness; guess the old bod’s getting used to it and I hear more snow is coming later today! So, it’s time for a cup of hot chocolate and a nap; might as well indulge before I start my homework for tomorrow night’s class.
    Your column yesterday about opening windows to breathe in earth’s scents was pleasing to me; it’s so nice to know others feel the same thrill I do about life. I have been seeing robins for the past three weeks and next week we turn our clocks ahead. Look in your regular email for a link that will show you a picture of my son and family, one of the features in the photographer’s ad. Love to you and keep the faith while adjusting to the panes you have.

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